A futuristic writing tool

Pininfarina Space, the first Pininfarina project sent into space, presented to the press and international buyers at Altec headquarters. It’s the most recent stylus born as part of the project Pininfarina Segno, a joint-venture between Pininfarina and Napkin Forever to develop the “writing and accessories” sector.


Avant-garde writing tool, Pininfarina Space represents the evolution of a new icon in the stationery – the stylus writing limitless – in a perfect fusion between technology and design. The Pininfarina futuristic design was realized entirely in magnesium, a high performing ultra-light metal. Pininfarina Space is equipped with a writing tip in metal alloy Ethergraf®, resistant to the use and writing on standard paper thanks to an oxidation process, leaving a trait light as the one of the graphite and precise as the ink.

The stylus Pininfarina Space proved to be a functional writing tool also in absence of gravity. In July 2017 three prototypes have been gifted to the crew of the International Space Station (ISS) and went in orbit with the recent mission V.I.T.A.. The astronauts, Paolo Nespoli among them, could use it in micro-gravity conditions during the six months stay in the space.

Altec (Aerospace Logistics Technology Engineering Company), defined the Italian Houston, directly managed the delivery of the stylus Pininfarina Space in the space. Altec is the Italian center of excellence provisioning hi-tech engineering services relevant to operations and utilization of the International Space Station (ISS), other space infrastructure, and in support of future robotic and manned planetary exploration. All the operation was documented in a series of Docuweb online on the social profiles of Pininfarina Segno.


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