Identity and personality timeless


World debut in Frankfurt at Paperworld, the world's leading fair for stationery and writing instruments, for FOREVER Pininfarina Cambiano, the everlasting writing instrument. The tip in Ethergraph, realized with a special metal alloy, allows to write indefinitely with no ink and no refill.

Innovation, technology and craftsmanship



The revolutionary writing instrument, born from the collaboration between Pininfarina and Napkin and completely hand made in Italy from master craftsmen, has a precise stroke like a pencil but it cannot be erased like the one traced by a pen. Pininfarina conferred to the tool a strong stylistic identity able to enhance the technological tools conceived by Napkin. Taking inspiration from the Cambiano concept car, elegant and essential lines have been created that, thanks to the combination of innovative and classical material, as the aluminum and the wood, confer a unique character to the object.


Forever Pininfarina Cambiano is matched with the DesigNotes, the first Pininfarina notebook, born to give shape to your creativity. To express the creativity of those, who is in love with design as ourselves. It a very special notebook, born on the occasion of the 85th anniversary and that retraces the 85 years of Pininfarina history. The DesigNotes invites to practice on design giving shape to different types of cars and products. The curvilinee, the working tool of the designer, jewel enriching the DesigNotes, could be used to create your drawings. Moreover, on-line it is available a video tutorial to start tracing the lines of the future.



An object to transform ideas into projects

"Pencil and notebook are the fundamental designer's stoke-in-trade. We wanted to create, with Napkin' collaboration, a kit addressed to all the people who love design and innovation, giving life, at the same time, to a timeless object with the typical traits of the Pininfarina style: elegance, purity and innovation".


Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of  Pininfarina Group




Pininfarina Extra
Cambiano (Turin)



Industrial design