Conscious planning


The Design Ability exhibition presents innovative solutions that blend design and practicality, allowing a large universe of people with different perceptive, motor and cognitive abilities to exploit different environments and products. The exhibition was inaugurated on November 14, 2008 in the Sala Pinin of Pininfarina's Turin headquarters, and it was awarded the 2008 FIABA Prize by the Italian Fund for the Elimination of Architectural Barriers. The exhibition drew a great deal of attention from the press and the public, with over 1500 visitors in the two days that it was open.


Creativity that makes the most of different abilities


"Society must take the culture of conscious planning on board. We want to show that design can and must be exploited fully by all members of society, regardless of their individual skills."

Paolo Pininfarina, CEO of Pininfarina Extra

Design Ability set out to underline the importance of design in every aspect of our life.

The objects on display demonstrate the philosophy that has always guided Pininfarina's design solutions perfectly: the aesthetic decisions always emphasise the absolute practicality of the objects. The very name and logo of the exhibition underline how design can become an important element to remodel the individual's abilities.

The exhibition explores the most innovative contemporary contributions that aim to overcome the conflict between man and his environment. The projects developed by Pininfarina Extra and its partners have made it possible to discover design that is accessible to all, created with objects, equipment and environments that can be enjoyed independently by users with different needs and abilities, even including people who have functional limitations, because of their advanced age or as a result of deformities, pathologies or traumatic events. Numerous intelligent solutions are presented. From the patented monoski, the real star of the show, that guarantees excellent performance, to the first electric wheelchair, the electronic device for the computer that replaces the mouse and the modular office system. And the catalogue and exhibition guide are obviously both designed to be accessible to the sight-impaired.

Aesthetics, practicality, ergonomics


The exhibition was the brainchild of the company's Managing Director, Paolo Pininfarina, and was organised as part of the Torino 2008 World Design Capital calendar, in collaboration with several prestigious partners: the Turin Polytechnic, the European Institute of Design, the Able To Enjoy company and CEAN.

Design at the service of others

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